Cryologic Labs

Cryologic Labs

Reversible Logic

Macroscopic-quantum phenomena with flux-quanta are explored to lower the energy usage of digital gates in computers. Present-day logic gates use irreversible functions, but physics allows for fundamentally more-efficient reversible gates. Free-dynamical reversible gates are possible using systems of undamped Josephson junctions with complex resonances. Ongoing theoretical and experimental studies of these resonances may lead to dissipationless changes in flux-quanta polarity for the future of computing.

Research Lead: Kevin Osborn

Cryogenic Interconnect

LPS supports the IARPA Supercables program.

The focus in the SuperCables program is demonstration of components to convert from low level electrical signals in circuits operating at a temperature of approximately 4 kelvins to conventional optical signals at room temperature. Pending results of this program, IARPA may support a follow-on program to develop the complete system for data transmission between room temperature and 4 kelvins.

Research Lead: Ben Palmer